Password Generator
This generates pseudo-random sequences of letters, numbers, and/or symbols depending on choices. Unlike many other random password generators, this allows the starting character to be more restricted than the others, and allows the non-alphanumeric characters to be toggled individually, since some places that require passwords specify subsets of them that are supported, rather than supporting all ASCII characters.

Advanced Password Generator
This was inspired by, and generates passwords a bit differently than most generators, trying to avoid the deductions listed there.

Text Generator
This is similar to the password generator above, except that you specify the characters to choose from in two text boxes. This way, non-ASCII characters can be included in the text (provided your browser supports them), and repetitions can be used to affect probability.

Other security-related sites:

Random Chooser
If you have several related things to choose from (e.g. movies to watch, games to play), and just want to pick randomly from them, you can use this page.

List Shuffler
If you want to choose more than one item from a list, and optionally influence the probability of each item appearing near the top, you can use this page.