The tests below are based on the RegExp objects defined in the header as:

r1 = new RegExp("^(b*)(or)+(i)?(n|m){3}(g{2,})[A-Z]\B[a-z]\b\s\S");
r2 = /d(b+)(d)/ig;
s1 = "boringMan 6";
s2 = "4378436837# somEgGgnMnorororbbbb\n45434563@ motHgggmmmiOr";
s3 = "ormmmggAbac *";

RegExp only exists in JavaScript 1.2 and later.

Global properties of RegExp caused by the exec() method:

Changed functionality as of JavaScript 1.5.

Properties deprecated/removed from JavaScript 1.5.

Last Updated: 10-06-2001