Method definitions:

The date objects are initially defined as follows:

d1 = new Date(2147483648111);
d2 = new Date(0);
d3 = new Date();

The first two tables simply check whether the object was initialized correctly and all parts can be accessed. The second two tables set each element to 2222, but the return is usually reduced, so the middle column is the return value from a "get" method analagous to the "set" method in the left column.

The table below tests methods that are only defined in JavaScript 1.3 or higher.

The tables below are the "set" tests.

The table below tests the JavaScript 1.3 setxxx() methods.

Methods that are only defined in JavaScript 1.1 and higher:

Methods that are defined in both Netscape and Internet Explorer, but are not part of the official specification even for JavaScript 1.5.

Methods that are Internet Explorer-specific

Last Updated: 10-06-2001